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ABOUT US - established since 1983

FAQ About us :

1.   How did you get the name UltraSmile ?   We were thinking of the best adjective to use in front of the word "Smile", therefore we thought of "Ultra" and applied for trademarking "UltraSmile" and filed a Trademark Application with the U.S. Trademark Office in Washington D.C. in the year of 1983.

2.   When did you receive the Trademark, "UltraSmile" ?  In 1985 , we received the Trademark Certificate for the word "UltraSmile" from the United States Trademark Office.

3.   How did you come up with the colorful design of your toothpaste packaging ?   "The World Famous Industrial Designer" who designed our whole colorful package was Mr. Tom Burns of Mill Valley, California, USA.   Tom spent over 2 years doing R & D to come up with the beautiful Award Winning Design of UltraSmile's Packaging, that would be very attractive and  " Good Chinese Fung Swei (means Good Fortune in Chinese) ".   Tom in the past has helped design the IBM Logo and the AMERICAN AIRLINES Logo.

4.   Who came up with the formulation of the UltraSmile Natural Toothpaste ?   Our NATURAL Toothpaste is formulated OVER 28 YEARS  by 5 Dentists and 1 Pharmacist, all of these 6 doctors are trained in the United States.

5.   Why choose to buy UltraSmile Natural Toothpaste ?  UltraSmile Natural Toothpaste is made in the USA and DOES NOT CONTAIN  any of the 7 Toxic Ingredients found in many toothpastes.   We are known worldwide as "The Premier Natural Toothpaste with Black Seed Oil" tm.