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Reviews on UltraSmile Premier NATURAL Toothpaste

1.    “ Wow, the taste is great. I much prefer  UltraSmile  to regular toothpaste.  It's invigorating and fresh, and  after brushing my teeth they  feel so clean. I would say they feel  slippery, they are so clean “ ,              Julie C. , Hayward - California 

2.   "After brushing right away with UltraSmile, immediately I can really taste the flavor in my food......... I can't get my taste buds to work right when I brush and then eat with other toothpaste...........I think its because UltraSmile doesn't have the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which has been known to create hypersensitivity and oral breakdown " -  Josh - Nevada.

3.   "The tissue lining inside the mouth is very similar to the tissue that lines the digestive tract............ I  suspect my colonoscopy polyps may be from years of irritation from the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in toothpaste ,,, many reports from patients who say that mouth sores disappear when they started brushing with toothpaste that do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate " -  Dr. Wong - Bay Area, California.

4.    "I use to always have a sensitive gold crown when I brush,  but brushing with UltraSmile, there is no more of that chilling sensation in my gold crown area" - Dr. Sterling - Washington.